Frequently Asked Questions

Auto salvage refers to vehicles that have been damaged, declared a total loss by insurance companies, and deemed uneconomical to repair. These vehicles are typically sold at auctions or by salvage yards.

Buying auto salvage from the USA can offer several advantages, including access to a wide selection of vehicles at competitive prices. It can be a cost-effective way to obtain parts for repairs or find a project car to restore.

To purchase auto salvage from the USA, you can participate in online salvage auctions or work with reputable salvage car dealers. You may need to register, provide necessary documentation, and place bids or make offers on desired vehicles.

Salvage vehicles can be legally driven, but it depends on the regulations in your country or state. In most cases, salvage titles need to be rebuilt, pass inspections, and meet specific requirements before they can be registered for road use.

It’s important to thoroughly inspect the salvage vehicle, review its history and damage reports, and assess the extent of repairs needed. Consider your budget, available resources, and your ability to handle the restoration process or work with professionals.

Financing options for salvage vehicles may vary, and traditional lenders may be hesitant to provide loans due to the perceived risks involved. However, some specialized lenders or salvage car dealerships offer financing options tailored for salvage vehicle purchases.


When purchasing auto salvage from the USA, you will typically need to complete paperwork such as a bill of sale, salvage title transfer documents, and possibly import/export documentation if applicable. It’s crucial to ensure all paperwork is properly completed and filed.

Importing salvage vehicles may be subject to specific regulations and restrictions in your country. It’s important to research and comply with import laws, including vehicle emissions, safety standards, and customs requirements to ensure a smooth importation process.

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